Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Set 2 Out!

Okay, after working hard yesterday night, I present to you Tori's Actions Set 2. REMEMBER, these actions will require you to adjust the opacity of the layers. It's simple really. Now, on to the actions.


Lights On

Bright Nature
(it might not seem that there is much difference between Lights On and Bright Nature, but there is...some.)

Positive Slides

Ocean Blue (I just love this, it's!)


Sea Water

And more inside Set 2. Download it and try out!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back...with more actions...

After taking a break, I am back with more actions! But before the link is given for the actions, let me tell you something about them. After using actions for sometime, I have learned that any actions doesn't work with any picture. Got that?

A wonderful action that works with a pretty nature photo doesn't always go with a portrait picture. BUT, one action that almost always works is a 'boost' action. Like this...
Uppity is a 'tinny' boost action. You can hardly see a BIG difference but it is there. Try it! It gives your picture a little life!

Purple's Pink is one of my favorite! It gives it a nice pinkish look. See!

Scratch that out. I think Chinese New Year is my favorite!

90's Vintage Winter Dreams

And the last: Blueberry Cheesecake!

Oh, the most important thing- the download link!

Click HERE!

Try it all out and experiment! Tell me what you think.