Monday, October 26, 2009

Camera bodies.

How many camera bodies have you gone through? I have gone through the route most first-time Rebel users go though. I started with a Canon Rebel. Sweet. Easy. But it was silver in color.

I had someone telling me to get a camera that was black. More 'professional'. Ha.

Then I sold it a year later. Bought a second-hand 30D from Used it for less than a year.

Sold it. Bought a 40D.

No, I'm not fickle. I just wanted to sell my camera bodies before the value dropped too low. It worked. A little.

BTW, I like periods. You know, the little dot. Dot. Dot

Back to the subject.

I went through a few lens as well. Cheapo lens. The first was the normal 18-55mm. I actually took some nice pictures with it. Can you believe it?

Then whilst walking along a row of camera shops, I bought a 75-300mm. I liked the bokeh that came from is. BUT, it was a terror in low light.

I sold it later. Then I got a 50mm. Loved it. Still love it. At certain times. Now a have a 'cheap' 2.8. Still concluding.

But I have to say, with each body and lens, I took some pretty nice pictures with it.

So, like what they always say, "It's not the camera (or lens) but the person behind it."

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Little brothers and Photoshop

What happens when you send your little (or not so little) brother a picture you took and said, "Go edit this."? He replies with the brightest answer,"How?"

He comes up with this:



Bam, right?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Playing with textures

Go ahead and play around with textures...its fun! And oh, if any body wants to get me this texture pack, I'll be eternally grateful (just kidding ;))