Tuesday, June 22, 2010


dis·sat·is·fied  (ds-sts-fd) adj.
Feeling or exhibiting a lack of contentment or satisfaction.

That pretty much sums up how I feel now. To me, being discontent was akin to ingratitude. If you were grateful for what you had you would be satisfied.

But my discontentment stems from something else. I am not happy with where I am in photography. There are always new things to learn. And not enough time. Or maybe I just do not make the time for it. Work has a large role in my life. So does church, family and friends (not in that order). Music also take a (small) role. So where does that leave photography?

Recently, while I was on a holiday with my family, I was all fired up with the gorgeously rustic, old houses I saw! I saw lots of inspiration...until I looked at my models (family, duh) and the clothes they wore. I killed my inspiration. They were dressed in the most grubby clothes they could bring along.

I then concentrated on flowers. Hence the picture on top.

One thing I learned? Never be content where you are in photography. Discontent will make you create better pictures.