{about me}

{about us}

Why double creativity? Well, between my sister and I, I'm the more 'artsy' one. But she is my biggest critic and pushes me out of my box (at rare times). Then there's my brother. He is more creative in scrapbooking than I am! In fact, my digital scrapbooking is more photos than anything else! Hence the name 'double creativity'.

About me: I love photography. It has been a hobby that remained constant in my life for years! I also love to edit pictures. My editing style edges towards the urban-ish antique-ish border.

I also create actions (at times). And do some graphic work.

About the sister: She's older than me. She's fiercer than me. She's taller than me. She has more goal in life than me. But we keep each other firmly grounded. :) Her lack of humor and my humor balances our sister relationship out. We fight, but that's part sister hood. She has to give me a nod of approval before I post anything up. I want it that way.

About the brother: He's younger than me. He's taller than me. He's has a dry sense of humor, but I get the better of him all the time. He loves editing pictures as well. He likes photoshop actions. He doubles the creativity!