Monday, October 26, 2009

Camera bodies.

How many camera bodies have you gone through? I have gone through the route most first-time Rebel users go though. I started with a Canon Rebel. Sweet. Easy. But it was silver in color.

I had someone telling me to get a camera that was black. More 'professional'. Ha.

Then I sold it a year later. Bought a second-hand 30D from Used it for less than a year.

Sold it. Bought a 40D.

No, I'm not fickle. I just wanted to sell my camera bodies before the value dropped too low. It worked. A little.

BTW, I like periods. You know, the little dot. Dot. Dot

Back to the subject.

I went through a few lens as well. Cheapo lens. The first was the normal 18-55mm. I actually took some nice pictures with it. Can you believe it?

Then whilst walking along a row of camera shops, I bought a 75-300mm. I liked the bokeh that came from is. BUT, it was a terror in low light.

I sold it later. Then I got a 50mm. Loved it. Still love it. At certain times. Now a have a 'cheap' 2.8. Still concluding.

But I have to say, with each body and lens, I took some pretty nice pictures with it.

So, like what they always say, "It's not the camera (or lens) but the person behind it."

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