Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"I Am Your Creation

"I am Your Creation"
"The heavens show the genius of
Your master skill;
The earth displays the beauty of
Your perfect will.
What precision is displayed,
In this vast world You have made.
How can I, a child of dust,
Deserve the love of Your touch?

You formed me in my mother's womb,
According to Your plan;
You made each tiny finger,
And You made each little hand.
I am Your Creation;
You shaped each hidden part.
And this shall be my greatest joy-
To praise You.....
From my heart.

Some things about my life
I cannot understand,
But still I trust the wisdom
Of Your master plan.
Though the way I cannot see,
Though my path confuses me,
I will trust what You've begun;
Your work of love is not done."

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Robby said...

hey Tori I just found you tonight..thank you for the actions...I will play with them tomorrow...(am laying in bed with the laptop)...I can't believe that I am your first follower or that people don't leave comments. Thank you so much again.